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The history of our company began in 1993, shortly after the political changes that have launched in Poland, the existence of a free market economy. Then on the tourist market and transport there were only state-owned companies, and emerging private enterprises harness a very limited cash. So modest forces to compete with the state monopoly.


      In the early years of our business to operate tours and trips we had the first vehicle that appeared in our fleet. It was a PR Jelcz 110 - Polish suburban bus, manufactured in the years 1975-1992 by Jelcz in Jelcz near Oława the French Berliet license. This model was the modernization of the French bus license Berliet PR100. After the changes, adapting a vehicle for tourism, which included the installation of comfortable chairs, repainting the entire bus in bright colors and attractive vehicle to hit the road. In subsequent years, our fleet increased by more Jelcz. As for those years were, however, very modern vehicles. Equipped with reclining seats, individual lighting and blower system in the passenger compartment, they gave a much better comfort.


The following years were a period in which Poland began the process of integration with the European Union. Slowly begun to open up the borders, falling taxes and duties which meant that the market for second-hand buses in Western Europe started to become for us an opening. James Bots- creator and founder of Bova, revolutionized mass transport in 1931 when, as president of Bova manufacture, created the first coach in the world body. Bots not predicted that Bova also revolutionize transportation in our company, it will be the first western- luxury coach and become a window to the world. Air conditioning, toilet, onboard video, high deck, sleeper cab driver, ABS is a concept hitherto unknown Polish passengers. It is thanks to Bova our customers feel like Europeans, and could ultimately change worn Jelcz coaches for better.


      Another turning point was for us the purchase of Scania Irizar Coach. A true Gran Tourismo, Scania Irizar PB is a work of art that works for you; a functional beauty designed and equipped to make travel a source of satisfaction – day after day. When we first launched the Scania Irizar PB in 2002, it took the coach world by storm. Honours and awards were showered upon it and professional reviewers called it "The most comfortable vehicle we’ve ever driven." Sensors placed throughout the coach continuously monitor temperature and humidity to adjust comfort levels. Total air volume is replaced every 60 seconds with fresh air at the correct temperature. Exceptionally quiet, with lower interior decibels than most luxury cars. In this coach, Scania’s most powerful engine and optimised gearbox solution is used to maximise performance, driveability and comfort.


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